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Ask Doug: Best Floors for Laundry or Mudroom

Q: Doug, we are remodeling and adding a laundry room/mudroom to our home. What are the best floor products to use?

A: With all the focus on running wood flooring throughout your home, I will say don’t put wood in your laundry or mudroom. Like the bathroom, it will be filled with humidity. Humidity can destroy wood floors as the moisture may warp the flooring, as well as collect mold and mildew leading to rot.

If you want to make your laundry room a dual-purpose mudroom, you need to be aware that natural wood and wood laminate floors are susceptible to scratching from all that dirty stuff outside like gravel, sand, and even grit that can be found in mud. Then another cold winter means even more of Mother Nature’s sandpaper coming into contact with your new floors when you track in snow and ice.

Our experts here at City Tile in Murfreesboro, Tennessee suggest that you use porcelain tile or vinyl floor tiles. Today’s vinyl is nothing like your mother’s vinyl, or even the vinyl of a few years ago. There is no shiny plastic sheen. Today’s vinyl looks like wood and stone, very much like current porcelain tiles. I suggest you check out Adura by Mannington or Floorte by Shaw, which is waterproof. Come in and visit our showroom, because you have to see the new vinyl to believe it. It even comes in planks, like wood.

Porcelain tiles also come in realistic wood-look options, but we suggest you get a stone-look tile. The stone-look tiles work well with any of the new interior design trends. Or so our stylists tell me.

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