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Saving for that Renovation

It may not be time for spring cleaning, but even a weekly decluttering can make you realize how much change your home needs. There is only so much TLC can do, but some updates or repairs are must-dos rather than to-dos.

If you have opted to give up your daily latte or quit smoking, skipping a fast food meal or switching to tea instead of soda, you are already on the right track to getting your revamped room. Just reroute previous spending money, or rather the new savings, toward your tiled backsplash, new hardwood floor or replacement carpet in the den.

Okay, you’re right. Saving $20 to $25 on coffee a week isn’t going to get you the kitchen of your dreams. Not today. But by the end of the month, you have almost $100, and by the end of March $300, and so on.

You can go the piggy bank route, the coffee can route or something a little more dignified, like a special savings account at the bank. Most direct deposits can be elected to go into multiple accounts, so visit your bank to open a secondary account where you can feed savings. When you rub your bare toes on the plush pile of your new carpet later this year, you will be glad that you did.

Other cool ways to save cash for home renovations:

  • Check with your car insurance company to see if you qualify for additional discounts for driving safely.
  • Find yourself texting all the time but never making or taking calls. You may want to lower you minutes on your cell phone plan. Could mean extra savings.
  • Plan shopping trips for the same day and look ahead to make one straight route. You’ll save on gas.
  • Cutting out junk food from the vending machine at work gives you some spare change, which will add up.
  • If you are working on weight loss this month or have a rapidly growing child, rather than going to purchase new clothes from the department store, visit your local thrift store for items you can go through quickly. You’ll save a bundle.
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